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"By 1908, concerned men and women could complete a psychometric test, ‘Am I At All a Uranian?’, answer questions such as ‘Do you whistle well, and naturally like to do so? Do you feel at ease in the dress of the opposite sex? Are you peculiarly fond of Wagner?’ and calculate the nature of their sexual identity in terms of percentage points."

Matthew Sweet, Inventing the Victorians

At the SDCC panel, John Logan mentioned this book as a “Bible” for reference in writing his scripts for Penny Dreadful.

Suddenly Dorian’s line to Ethan in “Demimonde” about “I’d ask you if you’d heard Wagner before, but you’d just say no” got 1000x funnier.

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hunterswish replied to your post “@hunterswish replied to your post “So horrible when you lost count,…”

And oh god, poor them too, (but more poor you, because you had to feel it :( ) feeling better already/again?

basically yes :/ yes yes i’m better don’t worry! i get rebounce pretty quickly, it was just a difficult moment

hunterswish replied to your post “@hunterswish replied to your post “So horrible when you lost count,…”

Idk who he is, just that he was standing there with others and looking at me when we passed and he smiled and said hi, while all the other people I passed by never smiled or said anything, and later when he walked by he smiled again, which was cute:D

aaaah cute kind people are the best :3

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agnost replied to your post “agnost replied to your post “agnost replied to your post “Which Disney…”

SAME and haha don’t worry or hurry about replying :)

currently answering ;)

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hunterswish replied to your post “hunterswish replied to your post “one of my nurses (the one who…”

De nada :D and that’s why I used ‘experiment’ because she can and probably is at least bi :D

ah yes i am an irresistible people magnet

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@hunterswish replied to your post “So horrible when you lost count, like are these 10 random anon questions or not, do you even know who the anon is or not, such weirdness, many asks, what’s the first thing you do in the morning? and in the evening?”

These are so funny :D and no Sarah, that’s not me! I skipped tumblr yesterday, went to bed and today I had to work :l (and was able to see a cute guy, but I had to work :p )

yeah it didn’t sound like you


it is a mystery

oooh cute guy tell me more

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Noooo! You should demand ice cream and chocolate whenever they do such a ‘stunt’! They’ll probably get it right from the first try then*hugsss*

they felt so guilty poor babies you should have seen them when i started crying

one of them was like ‘you can be angry at me i wouldn’t blame you’

and the one who solved it in the end was like ‘i’m going to try it once, just once, i promise. does it hurt? i’m sorry i’m sorry’

it’s nearly as unpleasant for them as it is for me (less painful though)

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hunterswish replied to your post “one of my nurses (the one who brought me ice cream) constantly has to…”

Out of this I’d say she’s telling you that you have a wonderful cleavage and that a) she’s jealous or b) she misses the time that she was young and able to ‘experiment’ and totally would have tried to hit on you :D

I do have a wonderful cleavage :p okay then a nice cleavage

i don’t know if she’s married to a man so idk if it would be experimenting ;)

in other news you’re hilarious and i love you

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one of my nurses (the one who brought me ice cream) constantly has to fiddle inside my cleavage and under my clothes to connect and disconnect my IV lines and she always tells me “i’m so lucky, i know a lot of men who’d pay a lot of money to do this”

like are you complimenting me? are you flirting with me? are you suggesting i become a prostitute? all three?

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new betaing method: feeding you pieces of cote d’or 86% chocolate whenever you write a good (still not sure what to use for punishment) (MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER PLS) (anyway that kind of punishment would probably be incentive so)

oh no oh no that would probably work a bit too well

pls do keep your mind firmly in the gutter

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i haven’t seen the second one yet either! :’)

i really waaaan toooooooo

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Kitty pattern!

Available in various forms at Society6 and Redbubble.

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